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[Oathbringer] I have some questions after reading the first two books and Edge Dancer again.

2017.07.20 19:20 Brother_Sanguine [Oathbringer] I have some questions after reading the first two books and Edge Dancer again.

The Knights Radiant
Is it possible that the symbols for each of the orders reflect their powers? - The wind runners symbol looks like a sword with wings, appropriate since they can fly. - The sky breakers appears to be a falling blade, appropriate for destruction and flight. - The dust bringers looks sort of like a lamp spewing light to me, and its been theorized that they have an affinity for fire. - I have no idea what he edge dancers symbol is. Its pretty though. - The light weavers looks vaguely like another lanters with rays of light, but I might be reaching their. - The else callers symbol looks similar to the cage of light described when Jasnah uses her powers at the end of Word of Radiance. - The stone wards symbol looks sort of like breaking shield, with stress lines. Oh, and I’m pretty sure there’s a skull at the bottom of it. Maybe their powers involve shattering or reinforcing walls? - The Bond smiths symbol looks a lot like the storm wall of a highstorm. Its got lightning and a long line that looks similar to clouds stretching above the horizon. I think Dalinar will be able to summon highstorms, the stormfather can and he’s bonded to one after all. - I’m not clear about the truth watchers or will shapers to be honest.
Was there a Concerted effort to recreate the Knights radiant after the Recreance? - We know that Nightblood was designed to imitate a shardblade, although with only a dead Blade to work from. - There are fabriols that exactly mimic the powers of the Knights Radiant; soul casters being one, with Nale possibly using a second one to heal Szeth. - these could mechanically recreate the Knights, if not spiritually. Think how Diamond Back mimics Luke cage in the Netflix series.
Is it possible that Ishar and Nale were right about the Radiants causing a Desolation? - Its mentioned that the Radiants ranks would swell with new members preceding a Desolation, I at first thought this was because the Knights new they would need more members but maybe the growth in their ranks triggers the desolation? - This could be the ‘wicked thing of eminence’ that causes the Radiants to abandon their oaths, the knowledge that their existence was initiating desolations not helping to stop them.
Void Bringers
Will Void Spren be the personifications of nightmares, dread, and human fear? - I first thought that the Storm spren in Word of Radiance were nature spren, like wind spren or rain spren. - What if instead they’re the spren of peoples fear of High Storms? - For example: Night form; fear of the future. Decay form; fear of death. Smoke form; paranoia. - Can you imagine the terror of nightmare spren? You’re scared of something going bump in the night and then that spren materializes in front of you?
Is it possible that the Unmade could possess great shells? - We know that four of the nine could take on a form, like the horsemen of the apocalypse. - The Alethi believe the Chasm Fiends to be the parshendi gods, but we don’t know why they think this. Shallan says she isn’t convinced its an accurate interpretation. Maybe theres some crossover after all? - Jasnah mentions accounts of other creatures fighting with the void bringers. Some of these will be the other Parshendi forms, like the thunderclasts, but is it possible that they also used the great shells? - There is also the picture of the chasmfiend, described as a void bringer, which Jasnah dismisses.
Could the Dawn Singers be Parshendi? - Parshendi have been on Roshar longer than men (I think I remember reading that some where). This is a bit of a stretch but Dawn (like beginning) and Singers (which isn’t far off Listeners) could literally be; the first Parshendi. - In which case would the Dawn Shards be Parshendi versions of Shard blades and plate?
Will Oathbringer have a focus on family? - Kalladin and Szeth are returning home for the first time. - Shallan’s brothers will turn up in Urithiru, and they’re not the most stable of people. - Dallinar will have to deal with Adolin killing Sadeas and Renarin becoming a radiant. - How did the Radiants deal with the conflicts between being loyal to family and being honourable? I think we’ll get to see.
Are Safehands withered from disuse? - It strikes me as a similar to, if not as horrific, the practice of foot binding. - Safe hands are used, but they will be hampered by the sleeve they’re sheathed in. this should result in several effects: Hands see a lot of wear and tear in everyday use. It’s why they don’t age particularly well. Bending and stretching joints, the numerous cuts and bruises that they suffer, and even just generic UV from the sun. all these things add up. A sleeve or glove would protect from this to some degree, especially from sunlight. It would be more noticeable as the person ages but the safe hand would not be as… old? As the non-safe hand. - Even if the sleeve doesn’t restrict a full range of motion, the safe hand is used a lot less than its partner. Even if you’re not ambidextrous, you use your nondominant hand for a lot of tasks. The safe hand might not be ‘withered’, but it would probably be reduced compared to the other hand. - Basically safe hands look different from regular hands, especially the older the woman is.
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2015.08.18 06:40 chelydrus TIFU by making a rookie mistake. A CAUTIONARY TALE!

Hello hobbyists and experts alike!
I type to you from my Dad's house, after having spent the majority of the day in the hospital.
Why?? Because I made a careless, yet common, mistake. An honest mistake that could very well have cost me my life.
It's a wonderful thing that I am very familiar with the handful of species in my area that actually COULD kill me. Because of this I never pick any look a likes of deadly mushroom species.
This being said, and with all the care I've executed in the past while foraging (stick to polypores, hen of the woods, oyster mushrooms...things I've positively identified before.) I still somehow managed to fuck it up.
And here is the story of how:
My brother and I have been under a lot of stress lately because were in the middle of a huge move. His partner broke up with him, and I have also split apart from my most recent partner. We were both trudging through the after math and a gigantic house filled with things that werent ours or that we didn't want.
We were on our way back after talking to our landlord (a really nice guy, and very understanding of our situation) and we were both EXHAUSTED and HUNGRY (we are both without money at the moment.)
So imagine my delight when, on the side of the lonely Vermont road, I see a clump of what appeared from a distance to be Sulfur Cap (EDIT I meant Sulfur Shelf, IE Chicken of the Woods).
"STOP THE CAR" I excitedly exclaimed, and my brother complied.
I was so very greedily happy that I scooped them up without a further investigation. It was only in the car that I noticed the gills. "oh, this isn't a polypore" I casually told my brother.
Hm, my mind was racing. I was hungry and exhausted and I wanted so badly for these mushrooms to be something we could eat for breakfast. Chanterelles ! They MUST be Chanterells. Look at their shape! (Now, here I must point out...not only do some mushrooms have LOOKALIKES,but their lookalikes vary from region to region. So nothing is EVER consistent which is why I think one should never just pay attention to the 'shape' and 'color' of the these are all subjective feaetures.)
I look through some pictures, and I notice the gills are straight, do not fork, and rub off easily. Not the false gills of a chanterelle, which on top of the fact do not grow in solid clumps as this does. but true gills of something far less harmless.
At this point I'm sure most of you know what we're dealing with here:
The infamous and strikingly beautiful Omphalotus olearius.
If I had just listened to my gut feeling about the gills, this all would have easily been avoided. The fact of the matter is, I was greedy, hungry, and also wanted to feed my brother.
I usually take a little tid bit of a mushroom I'm not 100 percent sure about, and wait about 45 minutes. This has, up until this point, always confirmed that I found an edible specimen.
So I cook the Jack O Lanter in some oil and salt. Another dubious thing about these guys is that they smell very sweet, like chantarelles, and they taste pretty darn good.
I had my little piece and went upstairs to nap. It tasted great, and I was so excited to make a pasta with it..I just have to wait for the conformation from my body that this is indeed an edible mushroom. Little did I know my brother would have picked up a piece to try it as well while I was upstairs.
After about an hour and a half, in the middle of the move, my brother became violently ill...He had to sit down and purge the entire contents of his stomach. He was shaking and dizzy as well.
I didn't think too much of it, because he vomits as a result from stress. I sat him down and gave him water but he could not hold down any water. This is where my red flags started going off.
After about 5 minutes I began to feel ill. I began to vomit violently. Luckily my dad was there helping to clean the house, and so he drove us both to the hospital.
The ER doctor got conformation from a poison center that yes, these were indeed jack o lanterns.
I felt so utterly stupid. What's more, I feel like I poisoned my brother, who I always do my best to protect.
We got off very easy. We still have residual nausea but can hold solid food down again. I'm lucky enough to know my deadly mushrooms, and to avoid look a likes at ALL costs.
But there are thousands of species out there that will make you violently ill and will perhaps cause complications if gone untreated.
There are also people out there who do not familiarize themselves with the deadly species of mushrooms.
Such a minute mistake ended up having dire consequences. I urge you all, the foraging hobbyists, to heed my message. Do not ever take what you do lightly. I simple error in judgement can cost you not only a trip to the ER, but potentially your LIFE.
If you have even the REMOTEST inkling that something about what you've found is off....DO NOT EAT IT. I can not stress this enough. I never took this warning as seriously as I do now.
Thanks for reading, and here are a few pictures I took before eating them (the picture of the gills is on my ipod and it's dead)
I hope none of you are ever as stupid as I was today.
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